Agency Guidelines


Briefly provide no more than a half page summary that explains why your agency is requesting funds, what will be achieved, and how the funds will be spent.

In addition, please provide the following information:

a. The Purpose of the Allocation should include:

  • A statement of needs/issues to be addressed
  • A description of target population and how they will benefit
  • A timetable for implementation
  • Are there other partners to the project and, if so, what are their roles?
  • What are the long-term strategies for funding for the project/program?

b. An Evaluation of the Allocation should include:

  • A plan of how success will be defined and measured
  • How will evaluation results be used and/or disseminated

c. A Budget Narrative should include:

  • An annual budget. Please show how each budget item relates to the project and how the budgeted amount was calculated
  • If your full request is not met, please indicate priority items in the proposed grant budget

d. Organization Information (if not already on file at Marshall United Way) should include:

  • Brief summary of organization’s history
  • Brief statement of organization’s mission and goals
  • Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments
  • Organizational chart, including board, staff and volunteer involvement
  • A copy of the current IRS determination letter indication 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status
  • List of Board of Directors with affiliations
  • Most recent annual financial statement and current balances, individually audited if available, and if not available then please attach a copy of your most recent Form 990
  • Annual report, if available

e. An Outcome Report is required at completion of project funded

f. Signed United Way Anti-Terrorism Compliance Form

g. Signed United Way Counterterrorism Compliance Form

Guidelines to Qualify for funds from the Marshall United Way

The purpose of the Marshall United Way is to afford the citizens in the Marshall area an opportunity to contribute to civic, social welfare associations, and such other agencies that benefit mankind, and to receive and administer these funds.

Any entity is eligible to receive United Way funds that is exempt from federal income tax under Code Section 501 c (3).

The Board of Directors of the Marshall United Way serves as the allocation committee. Completed application must be received by November 15. The Board will meet in February/March of the following year to determine the budget and acceptance of your application for the current calendar year.

The Marshall United Way gives priority to programs that:

  • Benefit as many people as possible
  • Are preventative rather than remedial
  • Increase individual access to community resources
  • Examine and address the underlying causes of local problems
  • Promote independence and personal achievement

In order to make the best use of available funds; the Marshall United Way usually does not make grants for the following:

  • Annual giving/annual campaigns
  • Religious or sectarian purposes
  • Individuals
  • Political Purposes
  • Multi-year funding

Please submit 3 (three) complete copies of your application for funds to: Marshall United Way, 614 Homer Road, Marshall, MI 49068 no later than November 15. Late applications will not be accepted.